Codefy CAMP (Formerly CSApps)

Application Deadline: May 15
Start Date: June 20
Final Conference: August 22

About CAMP

In this program, students will be paired up in groups of 3-5 to complete a computer science research project that ties computer science into another field. This will give students a better understanding of computer science within the context of other fields. These groups of students will be paired up with a college mentor who will guide them through completion of the project.

The expected final product is a presentation of how a computer science algorithm or model fits into another field and how that algorithm or model works along with a research paper. In addition, although you will not be expected to have completed the project by the end of the program, it is expected that you will have made a significant amount of progress. This iteration of CAMP will end with a symposium where each group will present their project to any people who wish to attend the symposium. Please be aware of this before signing up for the program.